Moving to Vancouver Island

Welcome to Pacific Sander, a blog about life on Vancouver Island.

Before I can tell you about actually being on Vancouver Island, my wife Marije and I have one big task ahead of us: we have to get there!

It’s going to be a very long drive across all of Canada, and before we can even set off on this great road trip we have to take care of a lot of details on this end.

Moving plans are slowly taking shape, and we have decided on a departure date around mid-June. Right now, we are still living it up in Newfoundland. After an epic winter we are finally seeing the beginnings of spring: icebergs are slowly making their way down the coast, whales are starting to arrive, and snow is steadily melting. In these coming 6 weeks we will mix enjoyment of the outdoors with the organization of the move.

Why are we moving to Vancouver Island?

Simply put, Marije is done with her job here in Newfoundland, and she has accepted a job offer on the west coast. On July 1st we’ll be trading the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay for the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo. Funny how some things stay the same, moving from one oceanside laboratory to another.

Newfoundland and Vancouver Island have more things in common, even though they are on opposite sides of the country. Both offer breathtaking scenery with lots of hiking trails, and a big ocean teeming with wildlife.

There are differences too of course, for example there are no Moose on Vancouver Island. Instead I will have to be ‘bear aware’ on my outdoor excursions, and perhaps even ‘cougar aware’. The whales in Newfoundland are mostly Humpbacks and Minkes, on Vancouver Island I understand Killer whales are the most commonly seen whales. The climate will also take some getting used to, less fog, less rain, less snow, less wind, less clouds,… er, ehm, wait, I think I can get used to that quite easily…

Whatever we may find, I will write about our adventures right here, on this brand new blog.


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