Planning the move

When we moved from Holland to Newfoundland, we basically sold everything worth selling and put everything worth saving in boxes that have been stored in my mom’s basement ever since. After moving out of the old apartment, I stayed at my mom’s place for a few days before flying to Canada with two suitcases. That was all there was to ‘the big move’ over the ocean, that and a big stack of paperwork.

This time around, the move is very different. Selling stuff locally doesn’t work as well as it does in Holland, because there are far fewer people here. Our entire province has just 3% of the population Holland has, while it’s almost 10 times as big!

That’s why this time around, we are going to move all our stuff. And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘a moving company’. A big truck will come around, load up everything, and they’ll drive it to the other side of Canada. We will drive ourselves too, taking as much as we can carry in the car.

We’ve had two moving companies come over for surveys, both were friendly, professional and their quotes were very similar. We decided to go with a company that offers a private container, which means that it’s just our stuff inside the container, nobody else’s, and there’s no problem if our things arrive before we do. Then when we make it to BC and find a new home, we just give them the address and they’ll come by to unload.

Soon, we’ll be packing boxes, so things are beginning to take shape!


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