Driving across Canada, part 1

Yes, we are finally on the road, BC here we come!

After driving about 1800 km we have arrived at the end of New Brunswick, which means we’ve already traveled through all of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Our trip started almost immediately after the movers drove off with our stuff, but since that was close to the end of the day, the first drive only got us as far as Clarenville. That worked out fine though, because the weather was too lousy to drive anyway.

The next day we had much sunnier skies as we hurried across Newfoundland to be on time for the ferry from Port aux Basques to Sydney. On the way we saw some amazing scenery near Corner Brook and the Wreckhouse area, we even saw snow capped mountains, but we did not stop to enjoy them because of my track record of missing ferries.

Scenic drive through the Wreckhouse area, seen through a bug-splattered windshield
Scenic drive through the Wreckhouse area, seen through a bug-splattered windshield

We were on time for this one though, thankfully, and the crossing was very pleasant due to the ocean being as flat as a pancake.

Today we drove through all of Nova Scotia and most of New Brunswick, but there wasn’t much to see because it was raining very hard for most of the way. I wish I could have gotten out of the car for some scenic shots, but alas, we haven’t had a decent opportunity since we left.

As we continue our drive west, we expect increasingly interesting landscapes such as the open prairie lands and the Rocky Mountains beyond. I certainly hope the weather plays nice on those days, so I can better show you what the trip is like.


4 thoughts on “Driving across Canada, part 1

  1. Too bad you didn’t get a chance to take more pics in the Wreckhouse area………that is such a different scenic view of NL. For sure there will be lots of views as you make your way across this beautiful land of ours. Take care on the road and safe travels to you.

    1. Yes the Wreckhouse area was beautiful in the late day, mountains on the left, ocean on the right, and a sunset too 🙂

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