Driving across Canada, part 2

We are in Ontario, and have now driven about 4200 km, so we’re actually closer to British Columbia than we are to Newfoundland.

The drive through Quebec was a long chain of road works, and even gave us a souvenir we didn’t ask for: a nail perforated one of our tires…

Luckily we were able to have it fixed after we found out.

In Ottawa we did some sightseeing, but because we couldn’t find a parking space on Parliament Hill, we just parked where the ministers parked:

The scenery around Lake Superior was beautiful, and marked the first real change from the rolling green hills and farmland seen through most of the Maritimes and Quebec. Again, a combination of a tight schedule and rainy weather meant that we did not get to stop as much as we wanted.

Today we enjoyed a day-long break in the trip though, to get some rest and energy we’ll need for the continuation of our trip tomorrow. After sleeping in, we had a look at Kakabeka Falls, where we saw the waterfalls but also a beautiful Luna moth:


6 thoughts on “Driving across Canada, part 2

  1. Hard luck with the tire, but you’ll be lucky if that is the worst of your troubles on the road. Some other nice scenic shots……….beautiful moth pic!! Take care the rest of your journey.

    1. Thanks Marian, yes that moth was just sitting there on the side of a building when we walked by, very lucky find!

  2. At least it wasn’t a pot hole damaging your tire!…..how have the roads been so far compared to the cratered roads in NL?

    Apart from the puncture, seems like a great road trip so far!

    1. Oh yes it’s been a great trip so far, we’re seeing lots of wildlife, lots of different scenery too obviously. The roads have been great so far, compared to what we’re used to in Newfoundland. Today in Manitoba we were warned with many signs about an upcoming patch of ‘very rough’ road, when we finally got there it was still better than many roads I drove in Newfoundland…

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