Driving across Canada, part 3

Ten days ago we left Newfoundland, and we are now almost on the other side of Canada. Tomorrow we’ll take the ferry to Vancouver Island and the journey will be complete; all we have to do then is find a place to live.

After the break in Ontario we made our way across the Great Plains of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, that to us looked very much like Holland:

The big difference of course is that it is far less populated around here, very few towns, no traffic to speak of, just farmland as far as you can see, and smelly dead skunks on the side of the road.

Our early travel plans were made with a straightforward east to west crossing in mind, driving from Newfoundland to Winnipeg, then to Calgary and beyond. When we kept hearing about flood warnings for southern Saskatchewan and Alberta, we decided to take a big swing around these areas, driving from Winnipeg to Edmonton instead, then south again through the Rocky Mountains.

This worked out great! Not far beyond Edmonton the hills began to rise from the plains, and a little further west we got our first glimpse of the mountain range that would dominate our views for the days to come.

We drove through Jasper NP into Banff NP, then into Yoho NP, and the weather was just beautiful. We had so much rain in the days before the Rockies, that we were both relieved and excited to have a sunny day for our drive through the mountains:

The scenery was amazing, but we saw tons of wildlife too: elk, coyotes, bighorns, deer, and most exciting of all: bears! We saw black bears up close, and grizzlies from a distance, a great first time seeing these awesome animals for the both of us.

I’ll share more pictures of what we’ve seen later, when we are settled into our new home and I have my computer back.


4 thoughts on “Driving across Canada, part 3

  1. Sounds like a great scenic drive. Those mountains are just so awesome when you have come from eastern NL. To see all of those animals also……..WOW!! Good to know ye are almost at your new abode and safe and sound. Your pics are beautiful…….love those mountains!

    1. Me too Vicky, I have them all on my camera now, but I don’t have my computer yet to have a good look at them, so I’m looking forward to seeing the moving company arrive in Nanaimo 🙂

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