We’ve arrived in Nanaimo!

Marije and I have made it to Vancouver Island, after driving 7805 km across Canada. We arrived a few days ago, and we are just starting to acclimatize.

Currently we are spending most of our time looking for a place to live, driving all over town, getting to know the streets and hills, trying to find something that fits our needs and our stuff. The moving truck is still on its way, somewhere between here and Newfoundland, and we would like to have our new home before it arrives.

Nanaimo is a pretty big town, but it’s looking very good with all the sunshine and great weather we’ve been having. Right now it sort of feels like we’re on a strange house hunting vacation.

When we first arrived in town we were surprised to find a deer standing by the side of the road. “Wow look at that deer just standing there!”, I remember saying to Marije. Then we saw another one, then one with two little ones, then one with antlers, then more and more. Deer are everywhere, it’s like a petting zoo here.

In the bay at Marije’s new place of work, we saw something swimming around. The binoculars quickly confirmed my guess: a Harbour seal. A day later we returned to the same spot at low tide, and saw 25 of them sunbathing on the rocks!

Today was Canada Day of course, so we took the day off from our home-hunt and went on a whale watching tour from Cowichan. It was great, we spent well over an hour with a pod of Bigg’s Killer whales, there were two different whale families hanging out together and splashing all over the place!

I wish I could show you the pictures, but just like with the bear pictures, I have to wait for my computer to get here. I’ll just share my iPod pictures for the time being.

(Update: here are the pictures of our whale watching trip)


6 thoughts on “We’ve arrived in Nanaimo!

  1. I am so happy you made it, and got to see wildlife already. Happy house hunting. Are you wanting to live right in Nanaimo or are you leaning out of the main city towards the Nanoose Bay Area.

    1. Thanks Cheri, right now we are hoping to find something within walking distance to Marije’s work at the Pacific Biological Station.
      If all goes as planned we should be able to make a decision by the end of the week, but we’ll see how it goes.

  2. All those animale in those view days. Unbelievable !! And I think there’s planty more to come, and different species then you saw on Nl.

    1. Yes, very different animals around here, but also some of the same thankfully, yesterday we saw a friendly Belted kingfisher from our table at lunch, he made several dives with us watching 🙂

      Also, we saw a Great blue heron, a very common bird in Holland but very rare in Newfoundland!

  3. Such an exciting introduction to your new area………I would be loving every minute of all those animals. Best of luck with your house hunt.

    1. Thanks Marian, yes it’s pretty good wildlife watching so far, right now I’m looking at three black squirrels having breakfast, as I’m having mine.

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