We’ve found a home!

After ten days of driving around town, meeting people and seeing their apartments, we found a place that suits our wishes and needs, and then some.

The fact that we can not move in until August 1st doesn’t bother us, this place is worth the wait. It’s roomy, quiet en very close to Marije’s work, she’ll be able to walk to the Pacific Biological Station, something that was high on our wish list.

With the house hunting finally at an end, I was able to go explore today!

Pipers Lagoon is one of the places I wanted to see first, so that’s where I went. The tide was out which meant the lagoon was empty, I was able to walk across it and see all the mussels and oysters. A nearby island called Shack Island was also connected to the mainland when I was there, but a few hours later it became an island again.

On my walk I saw a Bald eagle, a couple of Turkey vultures, an Oyster catcher, a Blue heron, and several crows and gulls in the act of opening shellfish by means of letting them fall from the sky, with hopes of cracking them on impact.

One animal I did not expect to see was a Garter snake, it was a nice surprise and it briefly posed for me, before slithering off into the seaweed:


4 thoughts on “We’ve found a home!

  1. That is a great start! Find a home that you like and see all the new animals. I find out that your Garter snake is related tom our Ringslang.

    1. Yes, and it’s just as friendly as the Ringslang/Grass snake, I hope Marije joins me there soon, so we can find a Garter snake together.

  2. Congrats on finding a home that met your criteria.
    I can see that your walks are going to be sooooo interesting……such different creatures for all of us to see and hear about. YAY!!

    1. Hi Marian, yes I’m looking forward to learning about a whole new set of animals and animal behaviour 🙂

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