A very warm weekend

We’ve been here for two weeks now, and we’re still not used to all this summer heat. It’s like we’ve moved to a tropical island, it’s always close to 30°C, and inside the house it’s even warmer. Hummingbirds in the garden complete this tropical fantasy, and no I’m not kidding, we have those here!

This weekend Marije and I spent a lot of time outside, in the forest, on the beach and at our local lagoon, trying to cool off and get away from this searing heat.

Saturday we drove to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (a beautiful cross-island drive by the way), where we walked through a scenic rainforest to the beach at Schooner Cove:

Today, we went looking for snakes and crabs at Pipers Lagoon:


2 thoughts on “A very warm weekend

  1. Now these are different creatures for sure!! It has been hot here in NL….high 20’s. Lots of hiking going on and whales are here now! I would think that the heat there is something you can get used to…..LOL

    1. Heat outside I could get used to, but 36 degrees inside the house just makes me wish for a good old Newfoundland fog to cool things down 🙂

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