Waiting for August

This is turning out to be one slooow summer. We’ve been here for almost a month and we’re still living out of our suitcases. We have ten more days to go before we can move into our new home and get all our stuff back, and it sort of feels like we have to wait those ten days before we can really start our life here.

So far, Marije has been spending her days at work, and I’m getting to know Nanaimo park by park, beach by beach. I hope to explore some more interesting areas further away, once we’ve finished moving in.

In the local parks I see a lot of animals, black tailed deer and cottontail rabbits are common sights. Bird wise, I see different woodpeckers, downy, pileated, and flickers. I also saw another hummingbird this morning, pretty little birds!

Every evening when I pick up Marije from work, we pick some juicy blackberries from the bushes in the parking lot:


4 thoughts on “Waiting for August

  1. Those Blackberrys are big!!! Are the Hummingbirds all the same ar they different from eachother? And what is à Downy? And oh we are living out of the suitcases to these days!

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