Almost there!

Fifty-two days ago, Marije and I left Newfoundland. On that very same day we saw our furniture and thirty-three boxes of ‘stuff’ packed into a container, and we’ve been waiting for that container ever since.

In the mean time, we’ve been guests in many different places. First we drove across the island, staying at motels along the way. When we arrived in Nanaimo we stayed in a temporary place, which was very nice but without our own things we still felt like guests in someone else’s home.

Two days ago, we finally took delivery of our container, and we were able to move into our new home in Nanaimo. Right now we are still living among boxes, but after fifty days living out of a suitcase it is a big improvement. We’ve got our own furniture again and the new home is slowly taking shape. We’re almost there!

One of the best things about our new place is the proximity to work, it’s just a short walk to the Pacific Biological Station. On the way there, we see lots of animals, and all of them are used to people walking by. So far we’ve seen lots of Black-tailed deer, some Eastern cottontails, plenty of European rabbits, Rufous hummingbirds, California quails, and in the skies above there are the Turkey vultures.

Then, at the PBS itself, we see a lot of Harbour seals, Belted kingfishers, Pigeon guillemots, a couple of Bald eagles, and an occasional River otter.
Of course there are also the ubiquitous Canada geese, that make an awful mess everywhere they go.

I’m almost ready to start this blog for real, I just have to wait a little longer. My computer has survived the big trip but I can’t connect it to the internet just yet. Back in Newfoundland I had it hooked up with a wired connection, which is faster and more reliable. In our new home we only have wireless internet, so I have to install some new parts to make this work. When it’s done, I can finally show you the real pictures from our journey across Canada, and from the things we’ve seen since we’ve arrived in Nanaimo.

Stay tuned!


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