Looking back: Unexpected BC

After our time in Jasper & Banff, we continued our drive west. The drive to Kamloops was scenic, as expected. Big mountains, green slopes, glaciers here and there, and a lot of rain.

The drive from Kamloops onwards was completely unexpected though! We had no idea there was a desert in BC, but there was… It was like driving through Utah or Arizona, very strange if you’re not expecting it.

Here are some pictures:


2014.06.27__11.46.53 2014.06.27__12.04.21-6 2014.06.27__13.48.47 2014.06.27__14.22.17 2014.06.27__14.51.06

At nightfall we arrived at the ferry terminal in West Vancouver, where I took one last picture before setting off on the last 80 kilometres to Vancouver Island:



6 thoughts on “Looking back: Unexpected BC

  1. What a lovely surprise to see my own hometown of Kamloops featured here 🙂

    My husband and I are from Kamloops and have always wanted to see Newfoundland. We finally were able to visit Newfoundland for the very first time last month (Sept 2-15th) and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a beautiful province!

    Unfortunately it wasn’t until after our return that I discovered your first blog Newfoundsander, so were not able to take advantage of your many tips and suggestions for scenic hikes. However since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through it in its entirety. I have especially enjoyed (and been inspired by) your beautiful photographs. I love photography too, and took many many photographs while in scenic Newfoundland – it is such an incredibly photogenic place! But I am afraid mine absolutely pale in comparison.

    Looking forward to reading through the rest of this blog and onto your new one in PEI. Best of luck there!

    PS re Kamloops. Yes, we are Canada’s desert. And not only do we have rattlesnakes, we have sagebrush and cactus too. The latter are especially gorgeous on the rare occasions they are in bloom!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 Glad you enjoyed Newfoundland, a beautiful place indeed, I’ve got my sights set on visiting there again some time next year, it’ll be much easier now that I’m living back east again.

      I loved all the scenery driving through the Kamloops region again last month on out move here, such a unique place in Canada!

  2. The funny thing is that you might have had worse weather going through Kamloops than we had while we were in NL. Despite our living in a desert, we have had an incredibly rainy summer this year which has continued on, and on and on – yesterday we set a record for more rain in one day than the entire month of Oct last year! Anyhow, the running joke at my work is that we had nicer, sunnier weather during our trip to NL than they had back home in Kamloops during the month of Sept while we were away.

    Anyhow, all the best in your new home in PEI!

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