Looking back: Around town

Here are some shots from around Nanaimo, each one taken some time this last month.

These are from Pipers Lagoon:


2014.07.13__14.41.55-4 2014.07.13__14.23.10 2014.07.13__14.15.09

Yes, that little crab is walking on Marije’s arm, and that little snake is about to hide underneath her boot.

The next few are from Neck Point Park:


This gull picked the wrong starfish to swallow. The above picture was taken seconds after catching it, and when I came around 80 minutes later, the starfish was still lodged firmly in his throat…

This heron was a more successful hunter, he caught and swallowed fish after fish:


2014.07.10__09.16.43-2 2014.07.31__08.25.45

There’s always something to see at the Pacific Biological Station:

2014.08.05__07.46.18 2014.08.05__07.50.44-8

The downtown waterfront is a nice place to visit too:


And last but not least, here’s one of the many deer that visit our backyard, eating one of the ‘deer-proof’ plants:


Cute little thing isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “Looking back: Around town

  1. Do the little animals like Marije or is it the other way around? From what I see I think Nanaimo is a wonderful place to be!

    1. Well, Marije picked up the crab, which could not wait to get away,.. but the little snake was attracted to Marije’s boot, which offered the nearest hiding place from my camera 😉

  2. It’s interesting. Your pictures have a different character now as it seems it is sunnier there than in Newfoundland. 😉
    … all looks really nice!!

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