The end of August

It’s been a month since I wrote that we were waiting for August. You may recall we were anxious to move into our new home, to finally be done with the big move.

Well, August came, is now almost over, and I’m pleased to say we are finally done moving in! While I was sharing pictures in my ‘Looking back‘ series, we unpacked everything, got some new stuff even, and now we’re happy with how we’ve got things set up.

In the mean time, the weather is still very warm. With the exception of some rainy days, it’s been a blue-sky red-hot summer since we got here. When I was unpacking my Newfoundland stuff I found that about 70% of my clothing is too warm to use here. I scratched my head as I unpacked winter socks, winter shoes, special shoes that go over my winter shoes, and then snowshoes that go under them. I doubt I’ll get much use out of stuff like that here, but I’ll hold on to it for now.

While this fine weather lasts though, I might as well make some use of it. Here are some shots taken from Sugarloaf Mountain, a small rocky outcrop in the middle of suburban Nanaimo, not far from where we live:

Looking towards downtown:



Departure Bay beach:


Towards Mount Benson, just beyond Nanaimo:


And this is where Marije works, the Pacific Biological Station, look close and you can even see Vancouver in the distance.:



While I was at the viewpoint, I spotted some California quail, handsome little birds don’t you agree:



4 thoughts on “The end of August

  1. I believe there is a Sugarloaf path on Newfoundland. Am I right? Is there any connection. Nice pics from Nanaimo.

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