New page: Wildlife checklist

Our very first day on Vancouver Island, Marije and I spotted many animals just walking and hopping around town. Later we saw them swimming and flying too, and I started keeping a list:

My Vancouver Island Wildlife Checklist

You can find this list in the menu on the left too.

We’ve been on the island for two months now, so the list is starting to fill out nicely. I will keep adding new sightings to the top of the list, hopefully including some big names from the wish-list at the bottom…


2 thoughts on “New page: Wildlife checklist

  1. WOW…….when you write them down like that, it certainly makes an impressive list of animals already seen! I am just back from the Bay Bulls lighthouse in search of a walrus that was in the harbour there this week. We had no luck though!!

    1. Thanks Marian, I would gladly trade all of these sightings for a good look at that handsome walrus in Bay Bulls!
      I hope you get to see it in the coming weeks 🙂

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