Road trip to Pacific Rim NP

Saturday we drove across the island to have another look at Pacific Rim National Park, here are some pics:

This is the Taylor River, found about halfway to the other side of the island. The water here is so clear you can see fish swimming from quite a distance:


Another spot along the way, I’m not sure where or what it’s called:


At the beach in Pacific Rim NP:


We found lots of starfish and sea anemones in the intertidal zone:





And on the way back through the rainforest, we saw two banana slugs getting intimate:



4 thoughts on “Road trip to Pacific Rim NP

  1. Hi Newfoundsander…I haven’t said Hello in awhile. Now that you are settled and learning your way around, that is a good thing. Your photos from the West Coast have been magnificent. The colors are just beautiful, clear, sharp and so colorful. Hope you’re enjoying your new home and Marjie likes her job.. As much as I miss your Newfoundland pictures, I look forward to seeing new ones from Western Canada. Bess

    1. Hi Bess, nice to hear from you again 🙂
      We are fine here in our new home, Marije enjoys her job and I enjoy all the nature here!
      We go swimming at the beach every day, something that wasn’t in the cards in Newfoundland…

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