Underwater at Pipers Lagoon

It’s still very much summer here in Nanaimo, and Marije and I have been making the most of it by swimming almost daily since we moved into our new home. I’m thinking about bringing a thermometer to see what I’m getting into every day, but for now I think it’s more than warm enough for some casual underwater exploration.

We see many animals above and below the waves, which is why we prefer the beach over a pool, for now. Often a Harbour seal hangs around near the beach, but it keeps its distance from swimmers. Smaller creatures are far easier to look at, like crabs that scuttle about on the sandy bottom, or fish that circle your feet to get an easy meal from the soil you just disturbed.

Here are some pictures from recent swims:

This is your basic underwater scenery, sand and eelgrass:


From time to time, crabs come walking out of the grass, and sometimes they come from a concealed place, dug into the dirt:


In the next picture you can see that the Leather starfish has an interesting set of footprints:


Even the fish were interested in its tracks!


And here is one of the larger mammals I frequently see in the water:



4 thoughts on “Underwater at Pipers Lagoon

    1. Yes, that’s why I have my goggles so I can look for them, I saw another big crab yesterday and he raised his claws at me!

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