Stag in the backyard

When Marije and I came home today, this guy was lying in our backyard, not remotely surprised to see us:


It’s one of the many Columbian black-tailed deer that roam our streets, sometimes we have several of them in the yard at the same time, which usually ends in an argument…

Here are two more shots of this good looking stag:



After a short meal, he continued his rumination pose in the grass, and he’s still here as I’m typing this.


4 thoughts on “Stag in the backyard

    1. Oh yes, they’re almost tame 🙂
      I do think we have to watch out for them when the rut starts though, those antlers could do some damage!

    1. That’s what we thought as well, we put up a chair and sat with him for half an hour, before we too had to eat something.

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