A weekend walk at Biggs Park

Yesterday Marije and I went for a walk at Biggs Park, located near the Duke Point ferry to Vancouver. It was very warm and sunny, just the kind of weather we’ve become used to on Vancouver Island. Here are some shots of the walk:

Marije was fascinated by the intricate forms and shapes on the cliffs below the trail:



These holes are formed by salt crystals growing inside the sandstone, it’s called ‘honeycomb weathering’.




As you can see it’s a good looking park with lots of scenery, I’m glad we decided to go there!


6 thoughts on “A weekend walk at Biggs Park

  1. Strange shaped rocks, but beautiful also. Great landscape. I think not all the trees are Pine,, because I think I see leaves also. Am I right? I also see one happy kid om the pictures.

    1. Yes you saw correctly, it was a mix of all kinds of trees, so we did see some fall colours. Marije liked the walk too, so perhaps we’ll go again soon for another look.

      1. You will see some trees unique to the West Coast like the Arbutus or Madrona which holds its leaves in the winter but begins to shed its bark as it peals away. Unfortunately it is often attacked by a virus and you will see some of them dying.

        1. Thanks Oscar,

          yes we’ve seen many of these Arbutus trees, we like the peeling bark effect, it’s very colourful.

          cheers, Sander

    1. Thanks Marian, yes the honeycombs felt very interesting, but we had to look out for all the spiders that lived in many of the holes.

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