A visit to the Wildlife Recovery Centre

This past Sunday Marije and I visited the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington, just north of Nanaimo.

It’s a place where birds with mostly wing and eye injuries are brought and allowed to recover, before being released back into the wild, if at all possible. Here are some shots of the animals we saw:




The pictures above show a Barred owl behind bars, a Red-tailed hawk, and a pair of Bald eagles. In the Turkey vulture cage we spotted some squatters running around, these were neither captive nor injured, but had broken into the cage for an easy meal:


It’s a common brown rat, in case you were wondering.

There were lots of turtles in the pond, but the seating arrangements were rather poor:


Alongside the pond we spotted this garter snake trying to swallow a large frog:


We stayed with the snake for a while, but we saw little to no progress, maybe the frog was too big.


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