A walk at Colliery Dam

A full week of rain gave me lots of time to work on my book, but the weekend brought sunshine back to the island. Marije and I went for a walk at Colliery Dam Park in town, here are a few shots:


Upper Lake, shown above, is one of two lakes in the park, and the trail basically goes around both. The forest part of the walk was nice too:



Below you see a pretty dried up spillway that flows into the Chase River; we were told that normally the flow is much more active here.


After our walk we concluded that the park was nice enough, but it’d be a whole lot nicer of people cleaned up after their dogs like they do in the other parks we’ve been to.


2 thoughts on “A walk at Colliery Dam

  1. The forests in BC are so different than being in the NL forest……..such tall and old trees in BC……truly surrounded! Too bad about the doggie doo…….some things are universal!!

    1. Yes completely different forests here, at about an hour’s drive from Nanaimo there’s a old growth forest with trees so big they don’t even fit in the picture…

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