A fall sunday at Englishman River Falls

Marije and I went for a walk at Englishman River Falls Provincial Park today, it was kind of a last minute thing because we were nearby anyway. It turns out this was a happy coincidence, as the falls were quite spectacular, falling from great heights into a narrow slot canyon, sort of a cross between Maligne Canyon and Kakabeka Falls.

Here are some pictures from today:


What’s she looking at? The upper falls, shown in the next picture.

I know it’s kind of hard to judge the scale of a waterfall in this small picture, so just take a look at the picture below for a moment and then scroll back up:



Pretty big eh?

The rest of the walk was nice too, mostly through this lovely kind of temperate rainforest scenery:




4 thoughts on “A fall sunday at Englishman River Falls

  1. This is special place, happy for your discoveries. I recommend seeing Little Qualicom Falls and Horne Lake Caves to the north and the salmon in Goldstream to the south. Add them to your list.

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