Greetings from Holland

Time flies when you’re having fun, and this trip proves it, as I’m typing this I’m already back in BC…

My grandfather’s birthday was a big success, I got to see him and most of my other family. In the remaining days of my visit I spent some time with friends, and many days with my mom and sister, enjoying the local cuisine and seeing old but familiar sights.

Here are some pictures from Wijk bij Duurstede, the town where I grew up:


That’s my mom at the Rijn en Lek windmill, we always go there when I’m in Holland. Young millers were busy unfolding its sails:


The next picture shows the town’s castle from the 15th century Burgundian side, the medieval keep is hidden behind the trees in the right.


This is the Arsenal in Grave near Nijmegen, which I visited with Rogier:


More scenery from Grave:


We went for lots of nature walks too, this is the Airborne trail, used by allied troops during Operation Market Garden near the end of WWII:


My mom lives near the Amerongse Berg Forest, so we spent a couple of days walking the trails there:


And this last shot was taken while walking around the shores of Henschotermeer.


That’s the end of the trip right there, yesterday I flew back to Canada, back to Marije 🙂


6 thoughts on “Greetings from Holland

  1. Thanks s much for sending the beautiful photos of your beloved Netherland. One country I have always wished to visit. Glad you enjoyed your trip home and the opportunity to see your family. Life is too short. I’ll bet Marije is happy you’re home. Bess

  2. Lovely article and the photos are really Dutch! The fourth picture is my favourite one, but they are all quite nice.

    Reality check: it’s 5 degrees outside, foggy, Ajax lost to Barcelona, yup still love to live here 😉

    1. Thanks Tieme, yes ‘Dutch’ was what I was going for, Holland is now a strange mix of home & tourist destination for me 🙂

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