Petroglyph Provincial Park

The sun is doing its very best to brighten up Nanaimo, so Marije and I decided to go outside today.

After our plan to visit the Nanaimo Lakes fizzled due to the paved road ending before we got there, we turned around and stopped by Petroglyph Provincial Park instead.

Provincial Park is a big name for this tiny patch of forest, but the vague stone carvings were interesting to see:


The sun was helpful in providing some much needed contrast to bring out the details in the petroglyphs, but some of them were almost beyond saving.

This panel for instance, can you see what it’s supposed to be?


Thankfully the depicted figure was also present on the information signs near the entrance of the park, so we sort of knew what we were looking at:


Here’s Marije, dutifully posing for a picture near the casts of the petroglyphs:



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