Backyard hummingbirds

One of the nice things about living in Nanaimo is that we get to see hummingbirds every day. Even now when winter is closing in on us, they are still buzzing around our backyard, tenaciously defending their territories by chasing off any other hummingbird that comes close.

In Newfoundland we had visiting hummingbirds in summer, but I never saw one, so I did not get to know much about them. Now that I see them daily I’ve learned that they are not the exotic creatures I thought they were, and instead of sipping nectar from colourful flowers, they spend most of their time zipping around trees, systematically searching every nook and cranny for insects: hummingbirds are hunters.

The ‘nectar’ does come in to play every now and then, in the form of sugar-water offered to them in special feeders, but they only consume it so that they can get enough energy for another go around the trees.

Thankfully, this frantic behaviour stops form time to time, when they sit down to rest, sing a song, or pose for a picture:




In case you were wondering, these are all Anna’s hummingbirds.


2 thoughts on “Backyard hummingbirds

    1. Hi Edwin, yes these are male and female, the female is the one with the green background. They both have iridescent feathers but I couldn’t get them from the right angle for all of it to sparkle, they’re quite spectacular little birds!

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