A walk at Little Qualicum Falls

Today was my 37th birthday, hooray for me!

After speaking to family and friends back in Holland, Marije and I went for a walk in Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. It was our first visit there but it will not be out last, what a beautiful place!

Even more than Englishman River Falls, it reminded me of Maligne Canyon in the Rockies, as it has a very similar narrow canyon with a raging river running through it, with several gorgeous waterfalls along the way.

Here are some pictures:


Little as these falls may be, they are still quite large and will easily fill a picture frame. In case you missed Marije standing at the top of these falls, see the next picture and then scroll back up:


From the other side:


From elsewhere in the park:

2014.12.14__15.16.52 2014.12.14__16.17.47 2014.12.14__15.23.08

A pretty good birthday if I may say so!


6 thoughts on “A walk at Little Qualicum Falls

  1. Yes it’a beautiful island. I think you can leave Marije over there for several hours. ( yes we know her). We hope you had a very nice birthday..😄

  2. Happy belated birthday to you.
    This park with its rushing water looks tropical. The rivers in BC surely do handle a lot of flowing water.
    Beautiful pictures.

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