A walk to Pipers Lagoon

This afternoon I walked to the beach at Pipers Lagoon, to stretch my legs and get some fresh air after a long week’s work at my desk.

At the beach I saw eagles, otters, seals, and buffleheads, which are sea ducks that were so far away I was barely able to identify them.

I didn’t take pictures of all the animals, as I didn’t have my big lens with me. The curious otter almost came close enough though:


Far more numerous than the animals were the pieces of driftwood and logs, most of which eventually make their way to the beach:




2 thoughts on “A walk to Pipers Lagoon

  1. I did not see this one. That’s a lot of logs. You can build an house from it I think. They are from nobody ? You can also make a raft and go out on the see. Or is that a bad idea?

    1. No I don’t think they belong to anyone in particular, I’m sure in Holland someone would make a business of collecting them from all the beaches, there are so many!

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