A December day at Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach has been #1 on our west-coast wish list ever since we moved here. Marije is a huge fan of tidal pools and this beach is famous for them, so today we drove to the other side of the island and had a look:


Arriving at the beach, there were no clear directions to the pools, so at first we walked around to see what we could find. We saw all sorts of creatures in the water, and some in the sky too. This eagle kept a close watch on a heron, and when it caught a fish it swooped down to steal it away:

2014.12.30__14.13.02-3 2014.12.30__14.28.23-5

It wasn’t long before Marije decided to get a better look at something, in this case a big chiton:

2014.12.30__14.42.49 2014.12.30__14.45.09-14

We saw many kinds of these mollusks, which were all about the size of tennis balls.


After an hour of looking, we found the big and deep tidal pools this beach is known for:

2014.12.30__14.51.02 2014.12.30__14.54.28

Inside the pools we saw urchins, fish and all sorts of mollusks, and Marije officially proclaimed this place as her most favourite spot on the island.

For our next visit to this beach we plan to see this place under a summer sun, when the light reaches down into the pools and makes it easier to see all the things that go on there.


After a few more hours of tidal pooling fun, we walked back to the car and drove all the way back to Nanaimo.


8 thoughts on “A December day at Botanical Beach

  1. I went to Botanical Beach several years ago and agree it is a wonderful place. When I was there, an eagle stole a fish from a younger one – midair! Very impressive.
    No warm weather in Southwestern Ontario but lots of snowy owls.
    Looking forward to your travels in 2015!

  2. woahhh!!! Paradise in deed – What a magical place! You should go there more often. Until summer it’s a long time. 😉

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