Fresh air at Neck Point

It’s been a while since I posted the sea lion pictures from Pipers Lagoon, I’ve been busy.

In the week after I saw them that day, they swam by in great numbers, making so much noise I could hear them from behind my desk, and sometimes even at night from my bed.

Today I went back for a look and some fresh air, and found only a handful sea lions were left, quietly swimming back and forth around Neck Point.

Here are some pictures from my walk:

2015.01.29__13.07.53 2015.01.29__13.12.30 2015.01.29__13.19.10 2015.01.29__13.40.18


6 thoughts on “Fresh air at Neck Point

    1. Nobody is interested in the logs, except for the spiders and snakes that use them as hiding places. Also, the decaying wood brings nutrients back to the beach area.

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