A warm February day

Today was another warm and clear day in Nanaimo, and while it may still be winter by date, it’s been feeling like spring for a while now.

Here are some pictures from a walk at Neck Point Park, one of two parks near us that I really like. The wildlife is so easy to watch here, it’s more like a zoo than a park:

2015.02.23__16.04.01-2 2015.02.23__14.36.06-2

As usual there were a lot of birds present, this gull was enjoying a starfish for lunch:


Some Canada geese flew by:


In spite of the pollution on the horizon, Mt. Baker was visible in the distance. This snowcapped mountain is about 165 km away, located in the state of Washington, just across the border:


Harlequin ducks showed up:



The resident kingfisher:




A bald eagle:


Pelagic cormorants:


There were seals, sea lions and deer as well, you could easily spend a whole day here, even though the park is small it has a lot to offer.


6 thoughts on “A warm February day

  1. Great post today to inspire we central Canadians who continue to battle wind chill in the -30s. So glad you are enjoying the ‘other’ side of the country.

    1. Wow -30s, if it were that cold here, life would grind to a halt. I haven’t seen a single snowflake fall on Nanaimo this winter, we have to get our winter kicks from staring at distant mountains. Hope your weather improves soon!!

  2. Over here in Holland I think it’s almost spring also. Birds are making nests. The blossoms on your picture are Cherryblossoms I believe. Nice birds. The Mergansers are very beautiful. In Holland we called them ” Zaagbekken” And we don’t have Bald Eagles. It’s a pitty.

  3. We are still in the midst of winter here in NL.
    Love seeing the wildlife that you are viewing……..such wonderful pics.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Yes it’s completely different isn’t it, there’s no hint of winter here at all. It may sound strange but I kind of miss clearing out the driveway 😉

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