Second visit to Little Qualicum Falls

Another ‘spring’ day in Nanaimo, clear blue skies, warm weather, flowers and insects everywhere, so Marije and I went for a walk.

Little Qualicum Falls was our destination, this park trail circumnavigates a cascading stretch of river with the use of 2 bridges.

The last time we were here was on my birthday when the falls were tremendously powerful, this time there was considerably less water, but the sunshine made it interesting anyway.

Here are some pictures of the walk:


2015.03.07__15.25.492015.03.07__15.27.11-3 2015.03.07__15.36.40-5 2015.03.07__15.28.34 2015.03.07__15.41.11 2015.03.07__15.47.33 2015.03.07__15.53.42-3


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