Blueback beach with Marije

Remember Blueback beach? Yesterday I took Marije there to see it, and she loved it. I knew she would, especially with all those little tidal pools crawling with crusty critters:


2015.06.06__14.14.25 2015.06.06__14.14.42 2015.06.06__14.25.13 2015.06.06__14.33.35 2015.06.06__14.37.38-5


4 thoughts on “Blueback beach with Marije

  1. Ooh lucky you, finding sand dollars. We used to look for them at York Beach, York, Maine. I intended to say congrats on finishing your book. You deserve a lot of praise for working so hard on it. I hope to look for it real soon. I still miss your beautiful Newfoundland photos. I hope some day you’ll return there. Best of luck to you both while living and working on the West Coast. Bess from Massachusetts

    1. Thank you Bess, I enjoyed working on the book very much. Putting together the trail chapters was like hiking the trails all over again.
      Marije and I both miss Newfoundland and often talk about it. The west coast is nice enough, but we would return to Newfoundland in a heartbeat if we could 🙂

  2. Is that the crab she saved from the dog?. And those nice sand dollars. And it was a nice weekend we see it on her face👍🐠🐚

    1. Yes, this little spider crab was dazed and confused after being stepped on by a dog, but Marije rescued it 🙂

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