Killer whales at Pipers Lagoon

To beat the heat, Marije and I often go swimming at Pipers Lagoon. It’s just down the road from our home so it’s a nice and convenient place to relax after work.

While we frequently see seals swimming at some distance from us, today we saw a pod of killer whales just seconds after we got out of the water!

We were just drying off and splash, up they popped, a small group of them was ploughing through the choppy waves and heading north in a hurry.

One of the whales, a male with a massive dorsal fin, stayed behind and entertained us for almost an hour, long enough for me to get binoculars from the car.

In the end the lone and loitering whale was fetched by one of the other whales, and the two of them swam off, rejoining the now unseen group around the corner.

It’s a shame I didn’t have my camera with me, these would have been killer shots for sure 😉

Oh well, we were only there to swim, but it was certainly fun watching them and we’ll remember it for quite a while!


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