Summer visit to Englishman River Falls

Today I stopped by Englishman River Falls to see what it was like in this hot and dry summer.

I figured that in this drought there wouldn’t be much action at the waterfall, I was right, but it turned out to be a good thing: I was able to scramble down rocks that are usually slippery but were now dry, allowing me to get a much closer look:


The bridge you see above the falls is the place where you get the usual perspective, which is arguably even more impressive because you can follow the water all the way down:


After watching the big falls for a while I continued the short loop to the smaller falls. The action there was not about falling but about jumping:


All those girls jumping so close together, it looks kind of dangerous doesn’t it?. Of course, it’s only 1 girl, captured in rapid succession.

Walking back to the car, I took one more shot of the swimming hole, now idyllically framed by the rainforest trees:



2 thoughts on “Summer visit to Englishman River Falls

  1. Same waterfall in different season and still looks pretty . I love the rapid session. You tell me sometimes how you do that.

    1. When you’re here you can jump in the water, and I’ll show you how I took that picture when you get out again 😉

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