A sunny day in Vancouver

Yesterday I spent a day sightseeing in Vancouver.

Apart from driving through the edges of town a few times I had never been to this city before so this was very much a first-time visit.

After boarding the morning ferry from Nanaimo I took some shots of the Pacific Biological Station as I sailed past. Say hello to Marije, who works there:


The next shot is from a little further out to sea:


When I arrived in Vancouver I met up with my friend Jeannine from Newfoundland, who is in town for the week, and we decided to go see some sights together.

First up was a walk in Stanley Park, a large green space right next to the city, it offers many walking opportunities and great views all around.



2015.08.19__11.39.14 2015.08.19__11.39.32 2015.08.19__11.47.41

There were beaches too:

2015.08.19__12.10.29-2 2015.08.19__13.10.11

After seeing the park we took the bus into town and walked around for a while:

2015.08.19__15.34.22 2015.08.19__15.35.45 2015.08.19__15.37.17

At Canada Place, I saw otters, seals, and a familiar cruise ship:


At the end of the day I was pretty much exhausted, so we said our goodbyes and I took the bus back to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

As I sailed away from the mainland I took some parting pictures in the warm glow of the evening sun:

2015.08.19__19.45.57-3 2015.08.19__19.52.18


6 thoughts on “A sunny day in Vancouver

  1. All very gorgeous photos and lots of sunshine, too. Glad you’re able to get out and sightsee and to visit with an old friend. Bess

    1. Thanks Karen, I remember your photos from Capilano and I have put it on my to-do list. Now that I know how to get around it’s just a matter of time before you see some Capilano cliff walk pictures here 🙂

      Loved your latest Father Troy’s Trail pictures by the way!

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