Lighthouse Loop on the Wild Pacific Trail

This past Sunday, Marije and I had planned to go on a whale watching trip out of Tofino. After we drove all the way across the island our phone rang, it was Jamie’s Whale Watching to tell us the trip was off because the sea was too rough today…

Disappointed by the cancellation, we turned around and drove down to Ucluelet instead, where we decided to walk the Lighthouse Loop on the Wild Pacific Trail:


This little trail is apparently one of the ‘Top Things to do on Vancouver Island‘ according to TripAdvisor, so we were eager to find out what it was all about. Here are some pictures:


Here’s the Amphitrite Lighthouse:


Here’s Marije enjoying the views:



These waves were the first good waves we’ve seen since we moved to Vancouver Island (we don’t get them in Nanaimo).



At the conclusion of the loop we agreed it truly was a great little hike, and certainly the best hike we’ve done on Vancouver Island so far!


6 thoughts on “Lighthouse Loop on the Wild Pacific Trail

  1. Sometimes disappointment happens for a better reason. Glad you enjoyed your hike and got to see some beautiful scenery. Looks like the weather was perfect. We are beginning to see signs of Fall here in New England, cooler nights. Bess

    1. You’re right Bess, we probably enjoyed our day more than we would have had on the water, especially with those big waves.
      All is still very warm here on Vancouver Island, but we are starting to see signs of fall, like the salmon migration that is now underway.

    1. Yes, this trail wouldn’t look out of place on the East Coast Trail, it’s like a miniature easygoing version of Brigus Head Path 🙂

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