Leaping salmon at the Stamp Falls fish ladder

While I was watching bears in Port Alberni I spoke to a man who asked me if I wanted to see bears from a closer range.

“Why yes, do you know a good place?” I replied.

The man explained that there was a fish ladder not far from Port Alberni in a place called Stamp Falls Park. He had seen black bears there that were very keen on the easy salmon fishing at the ladder, and a spectator might see a bear there from a much shorter distance than at Victoria Quay.

I thanked the man, packed up my stuff and drove to Stamp Falls. The drive to the park was easy enough, and so was the short walk to the falls and fish ladder.

No bears though… What I found instead were salmon making their way up the ladder and up the falls:

2015.09.14__12.38.07 2015.09.14__12.34.28-2

Salmon were actively jumping, so within just a few minutes at the falls I had a halfway decent picture.


In this last shot you can clearly see the calm water of the fishway vs. the white water of the Stamp River.


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