Exploring the North Island: Whale Watching

After a few days around Nanaimo, our party of three was more than ready to explore a wilder part of the island so we headed up North, driving past Campbell River before finding a place to stay near Port McNeill.

Day 1 on the North Island was spent on a whale watching tour out of Telegraph Cove. Stubbs Island Whale Watching took us on the water for 3.5 hours and showed us all kinds of goodies, here are some pictures:


2015.09.28__13.18.39 2015.09.28__13.28.57 2015.09.28__14.08.50

It was certainly nice to see humpback whales again, I had started missing them since my whale watching days in Newfoundland.

The gulls, common as they are, provided a good show too: every time our boat would pass an occupied piece of driftwood they would try to stay put on the now wildly swirling platform:


Then the Steller sea lions showed up, briefly mistaking us for a fishing vessel that might toss out some scraps:

2015.09.28__14.31.58 2015.09.28__14.33.26 2015.09.28__14.33.37-4

Next up was the highlight of the trip, a massive pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins:

2015.09.28__15.36.49-6 2015.09.28__15.39.20 2015.09.28__15.39.45-2

Our captain estimated this pod contained about 500 animals, wow! In the end we stayed with them for about 10 minutes, before we had to return to port:


I’m sure you would agree this was a great day on the water! 🙂


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