Strathcona Provincial Park: Forbidden Plateau

After two boat tours and quite a bit of driving we were looking forward to doing some hiking at our next stop: Strathcona Provincial Park, located in the middle of Vancouver Island.

You may remember I was here before, but with Marije. Back then we walked the Paradise Meadows loop trail, and the hike we did today started with that very same loop.

Here are some pictures from our 4 hour hike on the Forbidden Plateau; as you can see we had excellent weather and beautiful fall colours:

2015.10.01__11.04.07 2015.10.01__11.08.48 2015.10.01__11.20.26 2015.10.01__11.47.13 2015.10.01__12.32.41 2015.10.01__12.54.38

Lunch break at Helen McKenzie Lake:

2015.10.01__13.10.17 2015.10.01__13.33.53 2015.10.01__13.34.34 And these were taken back on the Paradise Meadow loop again:

2015.10.01__14.42.38-2 2015.10.01__14.57.06

It was a truly beautiful hike, if it was a bit closer to home I would walk it every day!


4 thoughts on “Strathcona Provincial Park: Forbidden Plateau

  1. Truly spectacular color and scenery. Looks like a gorgeous fall day there…… the reflections in the water. Yes, it would be lovely to be able to walk it every day!

    1. Thanks Bess 🙂

      When we were welcomed at the park entrance we were warned a black bear had been sighted recently, which got my mom a bit worried, but in the end we did not see any bears on our hike at all.

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