Pacific Rim National Park: The Rainforest

After our amazing bear encounter in Campbell River, it was time to drive across the island yet again, this time to Tofino.

During our 3-day stay on the Pacific coast we mainly explored Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island’s only National Park, which basically offers 2 different types of scenery: rainforest & beach.

Here are some some pictures of our walks through the rainforest:

2015.10.04__14.14.48 2015.10.04__14.16.11 2015.10.04__14.29.14 2015.10.04__14.22.30 2015.10.04__14.18.00 2015.10.04__11.34.56 2015.10.04__13.19.08 2015.10.04__14.30.45


2 thoughts on “Pacific Rim National Park: The Rainforest

  1. As always your photos are beautiful, but I would not want to be anywhere nearby when those trees came down. They must have thundered the earth big time…..

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