Feels like spring at Pipers Lagoon

Another fine spring day in Nanaimo, lots of rain and then suddenly a break, so I quickly made my way to Pipers Lagoon again:

2016.03.03__11.23.40 2016.03.03__11.31.48-3

Juvenile bald eagle, one of dozens in the area.

2016.03.03__11.43.41-2 2016.03.03__11.48.07-2

See those two dark fins sticking out of the water? Those are California sea lions, thermoregulating.

2016.03.03__12.24.20 2016.03.03__12.31.04


2 thoughts on “Feels like spring at Pipers Lagoon

  1. Looks beautiful there at the lagoon. You are very lucky to have it so close to where you live. You can escape ant time you like! Enjoy!

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