Wave watching at Botanical Beach

Big waves are great to look at, but we don’t get them here in Nanaimo. The local forecast may sometimes insist it’s stormy outside but so far things have been mild compared to the weather we were used to in Newfoundland.

If you want to see big waves on Vancouver Island, the Pacific coast is the place to go. This real west coast is quite a drive from Nanaimo so I don’t often go there, but when I do it’s always special.

Today was such a day, I visited Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew, here are the pictures:


harlequin duck
harlequin duck


belted kingfisher
belted kingfisher

2016.03.05__14.42.40 2016.03.05__15.02.22

skunk cabbage
skunk cabbage

2 thoughts on “Wave watching at Botanical Beach

  1. Beautiful! . Those big waves. And special the ” halo” . The skunk cabbage is very special. In my backyard I have similar plants in English they are: lord and ladies. Strange name I think.

    1. Thanks, these skunk cabbage plants grow very large, they look like huge tropical plants by the time they’re fully grown.

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