Herring run, Spring & Flu

A nasty flu has tried to keep me inside for a while now, and today I surrendered. Here are some photos from the last couple of days, these first 3 are from Neck Point Park:

2016.03.19__13.54.30-2 2016.03.19__13.01.15-2 2016.03.19__13.22.43

And the rest is from Pipers Lagoon Park:

2016.03.22__12.18.26 2016.03.22__12.19.49-2 2016.03.22__12.30.48

herring eggs
herring eggs

2 thoughts on “Herring run, Spring & Flu

  1. Never a dull moment when you’re living by the ocean. Weather looks lovely there.
    Windy and very cold here the past couple of days. -20 with windchill.

    1. Thanks, yes it’s full-on spring here, lots of blossoms and sunshine all around. I would take your -20 in a heartbeat though, might cure me of this nasty flu!

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