Neck Point Panoramas

I’ve been quiet for a while, taking care of Marije who was down and out with mono. She’s feeling better now, well, better than before anyway.

Here are some panoramic photos taken at Neck Point Park, just down the road:

2016.05.07__17.19.22 2016.05.09__11.08.02 2016.05.09__11.24.48 2016.05.12__15.17.04 2016.05.12__15.10.57 2016.05.12__15.08.04 2016.05.12__15.04.22 2016.05.12__15.01.44 2016.05.11__15.39.04 2016.05.09__11.27.47 2016.05.12__15.23.43 2016.05.12__15.53.03

All these shots were taken with my iPod, hence the uncontrollable mix of bright and dull colours. You can see it’s quite dry in most pictures, that’s because spring in Nanaimo has been warmer than usual, we’ve had several days above 25 degrees already.

On a nearby beach, people have been getting a tan for over a month now. I remember one day when it was 27 degrees here, while there was a snowstorm in Newfoundland… Different coasts indeed.


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