A walk on Qualicum Beach

I enjoyed a long walk on the beach today:

2016.05.24__13.41.41 2016.05.24__13.48.43 2016.05.24__13.53.11 2016.05.24__13.58.33 2016.05.24__14.04.55 2016.05.24__14.13.11 2016.05.24__14.32.05 2016.05.24__15.07.08 2016.05.24__15.08.04


4 thoughts on “A walk on Qualicum Beach

  1. Yes! Sand dollars!! Do you know what fish that is on picture no4 ? It looks like the catfish in my aquarium years ago!

    1. I think it’s a little sculpin, just like we find in many tidal pools. This little guy was far away from any tidal pool though, moving through the thin film of water that was flowing over the beach… Tiny little fish.

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