Victoria Bugzoo & Royal BC Museum

Marije and I visited Victoria yesterday, we spent hours in the Bugzoo and the Royal BC Museum, both were fascinating.

The Bugzoo:

2016.06.04__13.50.12 2016.06.04__14.09.50 2016.06.04__14.11.09 2016.06.04__14.39.14

The Royal BC Museum:

2016.06.04__15.39.37 2016.06.04__15.55.00 2016.06.04__16.08.47 2016.06.04__16.16.35 2016.06.04__16.49.28 2016.06.04__16.57.02 2016.06.04__17.08.36 2016.06.04__17.09.33 2016.06.04__17.10.20


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