Ucleulet Aquarium & Pacific Rim NP

Last weekend Marije and I just had to get out of Nanaimo so we drove all the way to the other side of the island where we enjoyed some short walks in Pacific Rim National Park and we also visited the aquarium in Ucluelet, which Marije hadn’t seen before.

Here are some photos from our day, starting with a walk around Shorepine Bog:

2016.06.12__14.57.08 2016.06.12__14.58.19 2016.06.12__15.06.14

After that came the aquarium:

2016.06.12__16.02.01 2016.06.12__16.04.36 2016.06.12__16.05.59 2016.06.12__16.15.44 2016.06.12__16.22.41 2016.06.12__16.35.28

After that we had supper and we ended the day on the beach at Incinerator Rock:

2016.06.12__18.46.21 2016.06.12__19.04.30 2016.06.12__19.04.44


2 thoughts on “Ucleulet Aquarium & Pacific Rim NP

    1. Thanks, the Ucluelet aquarium is a beautiful place and actually related to the one in Petty Harbour 🙂

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