Weekend on the North Island

Marije and I spent a long weekend on the North Island, we planned this getaway ages ago and thankfully the weather was pretty much perfect!

As per usual, our focus was on the wildlife: we saw black bears, grizzly bears, raccoons, minks, dolphins, porpoises, humpbacks, and even a sea otter! 🙂

Here are some pictures, first from Saturday’s bear watching tour:

2016.06.18__10.39.24 2016.06.18__10.53.54-4

At one point, the little grizzly cubs climbed up into the bushes to get at the salmon berries:

2016.06.18__10.55.42 2016.06.18__12.15.45 2016.06.18__12.19.52 2016.06.18__13.02.13-7

Sunset from our seaside cabin:


Sunday’s whale watching tour:


Dall’s porpoise, directly beneath the bow where we were standing:

2016.06.19__13.37.36-8 2016.06.19__13.48.02-11 2016.06.19__14.17.37

Sea otter!

2016.06.19__15.29.04-6 2016.06.19__15.42.13 2016.06.19__15.45.00 2016.06.19__15.52.47-2 2016.06.19__15.56.51 2016.06.19__16.23.28-6

On the drive home, we stopped by Buttle Lake in Strathcona Provincial Park:


No need to say it, but this was a beautiful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend on the North Island

    1. Thanks Marian, we had a great time, and I like the sunset too, so colourful when the clouds play along 🙂

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