Strathcona & Gabriola

This past Saturday Marije and I hiked the Paradise Meadow loop trail in Strathcona, and Sunday we visited Gabriola Island, which is right next door to Nanaimo but still gives you the feeling you’re very far away. Saturday was misty, Sunday was sunny, here are some pictures:

Saturday’s loop:

2016.06.25__15.59.37 2016.06.25__16.06.39 2016.06.25__16.17.25 2016.06.25__16.22.54

Sunday’s walk in Drumbeg Provincial Park:

2016.06.26__14.52.50 2016.06.26__15.13.34 2016.06.26__15.46.38-4

And Marije at the Malaspina Galleries:



2 thoughts on “Strathcona & Gabriola

    1. Yes they are made of different densities of sandstone, hard above and below, soft in the middle. Very interesting place to visit 🙂

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