Farewell Vancouver Island

The time has come to say goodbye, we are all packed up and ready to go!

Marije and I lived on Vancouver Island for 25 months and very much enjoyed all the beautiful scenery and incredibly sunny weather.

As previously announced, our next adventure takes us all the way to Prince Edward Island; we are driving there over the course of the next week or so and we’re looking forward to arriving in early September.

For those of you interested in following us there, have a look at my new blog:

Atlantic Sander – Life on Prince Edward Island

This is it for us, we really have to go now: goodbye Vancouver Island, thanks so much for having us 🙂


Newcastle Island

Only a ferry ride away, beautiful Newcastle Island has always been right on our doorstep, and yet today was the very first time I visited it. To see as much as possible, I hiked the ‘Shoreline Trail’ all around the island, only deviating from it to explore the little coves and beaches. Here are some photos:

Here’s the ‘welcoming pole’, greeting visitors with open arms:


Setting out on the trail I looked back to where I came from, you can see nearby Nanaimo on the horizon:


The trail sticks pretty close to the sea in most places:


Coming up on Tanaka Bay:


In Tanaka Bay I walked out over the floodplain that was exposed by the low tide. I found these raccoon prints and followed them.


After 5 minutes of tracking, I found the raccoons themselves, just returning from the shallows with a tasty spider crab:


This raccoon was just a little guy, he wasn’t sure what to do when he saw me:


As always, the weather was picture perfect:


From Giovando Lookout, I could see our house:


I saw lots of purple starfish on the beach:


Near Tyne Point, I saw another raccoon:


When he saw me he quickly hid in a crevice:


Minutes later my way was blocked by a deer:


Unlike the raccoon, the deer was fearless:


Further down the trail, more raccoons:


After about 10 km I could finally see the end of the trail, on the other side of Mark Bay:


What a beautiful day and what a beautiful little island, if time allows I might just return before we leave BC next week!

2016 Perseids over Nanaimo

Last night was the predicted peak of the Perseid meteor shower, and it was a clear night over Nanaimo, so I was in the backyard taking in the show. I must have seen about a hundred meteors, a dozen of them were very bright and beautiful.

Here’s one I caught on camera, the first shot shows the meteor, the second shows its glowing ionized gas trail that persisted for another 10 seconds after the meteor disintegrated:2016.08.12__00.42.43 2016.08.12__00.43.00

Snowbirds over Nanaimo

Earlier this evening Marije and I took in an airshow by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds. When they flew over our house for the first time we didn’t know what was happening, but we recognized the planes the minute we stepped outside. Seven years ago we caught a very similar show over our house in Newfoundland 🙂

Because we couldn’t get a clear view from our driveway, we decided to drive down to Departure Bay and watched the show from there:

2016.08.10__18.34.59 2016.08.10__18.46.55 2016.08.10__18.47.01 2016.08.10__18.59.06-7

Helen McKenzie Loop in the rain and fog

Yesterday Marije and I just had to get away from the house again, so we drove into the mountains of Strathcona Provincial Park where we hiked the Helen McKenzie Loop. It was foggy but dry when we started out from the car but in minutes the first rain started falling, and it did not stop until we returned to our vehicle 3 hours later.

No matter, Vancouver Island needs all the rain it can get, and we loved how it made everything look wet and green:2016.08.07__13.37.07 2016.08.07__13.47.17 2016.08.07__13.55.54 2016.08.07__14.18.58 2016.08.07__14.46.25 2016.08.07__15.06.08