Looking back: Canada Day with Orcas

After our arrival in Nanaimo we were very busy finding a new home. We visited many suites, apartments and condos, but not on Canada Day, when many people had other plans. Making use of this ‘day off’ we went out on the water to see Killer whales, here are the pictures:


Our whale watching vessel was one of 5 boats in the area, these tour operators are well connected and when a pod of Orcas is spotted, many boats descend upon them to catch the show. The pod we saw was not alone, there were two pods meeting up in an excited display of splashing and half-breaches.






The two juvenile whales of both pods hung out together the entire time, often breaching one after the other:2014.07.01__13.51.14-4

At the end of the tour, our boat hurried back to Cowichan. On the way there we stopped at a small group of sunbathing Harbour seals, and a perched Bald eagle:




4 thoughts on “Looking back: Canada Day with Orcas

  1. Are those killer whales there the whole year round? They look so sweet on foto. But we know better. Nice picture from the Harbour seals.

    1. I’ll tell you after I’ve been here a whole year 😉

      The whales in these pictures are transient Killer whales, but further south there are several pods of resident Killer whales, so by the name I’m assuming they hang around.

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